Sorting albums/artists

Is there any way to sort artists other than by most recent first? It would be good to be able to sort at least alphabetically for artists and albums

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There’s no way to sort alphabetically at the moment, I’ve created a feature request for this. Another easy one would be sorting by least recent/oldest.

Do you generally use the lists to find new artists? Maybe sorting artists randomly would be useful for discovery (until we get more sophisticated recommendation & suggestions implemented).


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Hey Dan

A random feature would be great. I tend to scroll through for artists with more than eight or so songs as I prefer to listen to albums than singles. Just easier at work to not keep going in and out of the website.

Loving the music so far. Money well spent.


Cool, I’ll put down a ‘sort randomly’ option on that ticket, and ‘sort by album size’ might be useful too :slight_smile:

Yeah, at the minute it’s much easier to listen to albums than singles since you can’t queue songs. We have a queueing feature on the todo list, but all these things are delayed since we’re prioritizing basic app development atm, so bear with us!

Great to hear you’re enjoying the site,

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