Following artists/new music notifications

The artists are listed by date joined but what about albums? As I cannot “follow” a particular artist would I potentially miss new albums/songs released? Would it be possible to be able to follow an artist to get notifications of new music from them?


This is definitely on our near-term roadmap.
Something we’re trying to figure out is should you automatically follow an artist when you add an album/track of theirs into your library?

I think Spotify has the notion of following artists, but on Apple Music it’s more hidden, in that you “Follow” an artist as soon as you add them into your library. Bandcamp is kind of a mixture, where there is an explicit follow button, but you automatically follow the artist when you buy their music.

Sounds like you are over thinking it. An album or song in my library doesnt mean I want to follow someone. Following is really to be kept updated on new music dropping / having that artist easily accessible. So I would say it is an opt in feature.

I’ve finally found some time to work on this, here’s an initial design that I’ve worked out in my head:

  • Each artist/label page has a follow button
  • When an artist creates a new album:
    • If the album is available immediately, notify followers that a new album was released
    • If the album is a prerelease (which seems more likely), then notify followers that an upcoming album was announced

When a prerelease album becomes available, i.e. at 12am UTC on its release date:

  • Notify that the album is available to anyone who:
    • Follows the artist or label
    • Added the prerelease album to their library

To notify the user, we could start off simple and just send out emails, and then eventually start sending notifications directly to the apps.

How does this sound @s7tibs?


@s7tibs You can follow other artists now :slight_smile: